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Getting to Completion

By Maia Fischler, LifeWriter Personal Histories

When I met Dianna Hanson, she had been working on her manuscript for over a year without really believing she’d ever manage to publish it. She had enjoyed the writing process, and she was excited to pass her story along to her nieces and nephews, to help them understand the times their parents lived and the experiences that shaped them. But she wasn’t really sure if she was finished, and she didn’t know what steps to take to complete her vision: a beautiful book, illustrated with family photos and professionally bound.

When I told her I could read her work, make suggestions, and get the story to final form, she was delighted. And she was even happier when I told her my partner would take her collection of family photos, clean them up, integrate them with the story in a beautiful design, and see the book through the printing process. 

Many people are writing their own life stories these days, and as personal historians, we are thrilled about that! But we realize that not everyone is comfortable taking their work from manuscript to final printing on their own. We can step in to help at any point: transcribing old diaries and letters, editing and helping complete manuscripts, interviewing loved ones, restoring documents and photos, creating the perfect design, and more. 

What a great experience to work with Maia and Cheryl on the memoir I wrote for my family. Maia went beyond editing, pointing out areas where the reader might like further information and making other constructive suggestions. Cheryl was invaluable in placing photographs, designing the book and working with the printer. It was just the help I was looking for. 

–Dianna Hanson

LifeWriter Personal Histories

Capturing the stories that connect the generations

Maia Fischler Owner and Editor Life Writer Books
Maia Fischler

Maia Fischler has been a professional writer and editor for more than 30 years. She is a good listener and creative interviewer, dedicated to bringing out the best in family storytellers. 

Cheryl McClean Book Designer for Life Writer
Cheryl McLean

Cheryl McLean has designed hundreds of publications for clients across the country. She owns Imprint Services, an editing and design firm in Corvallis, Oregon, as well as Jackson Creek Press. 

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